Poland has its own currency called: Polish Złoty, PLN or marked with short zł. 1 zł is 100 Groszy.
Current PLN exchange rate in EUR.
Good tip: Make sure to always have some coins and small banknotes in your wallet. Various newsagents, vendors, or even small shops might not have enough cash to give you the change if you pay with a larger denomination.
In many places you can easily pay with your debit or credit card.


Poznań Ławica Airport lies a convenient 7km west of central Poznań.
Getting to town is a cinch. Car rental is available, and taxis stand right outside the entrance, though you’ll probably overpay to take one. Aim to pay around 30-35 PLN for the taxi fare to the centre, but keep in mind that it can shoot up to 50 PLN during the nighttime; as always, agree on a fare with the driver before committing.
Alternatively, cut costs by catching a bus, which will get you to the centre in 15-20 minutes. From the stop right outside the entrance, line 59 heads to 'Rondo Kaponiera' and the main train station (Poznań Główny) at least three times per hour from 05:05 to 24:00. At other times the airport is connected to the train station by night bus 242, which runs at 00:30, 01:30, 03:00, 04:00 daily; journey time 20 mins to 'Most Teatralny'. Single 40-minute tickets (4.60 PLN) can be bought from kiosks, TI or ticket machines; remember to validate your ticket immediately upon boarding.

All trains arriving to Poznań stop at Poznań Main Railway Station (Poznań Główny). From the station easily reach the conference venue by taxi or public transport: tram no. 8, direction "Miłostowo" from "Most Dworcowy" to "Małe Garbary" stop.

Public Transport

Poznań is crisscrossed by 19 tram routes (of which one runs at night), and 118 bus lines (20 at night). During the day these run from around 05:00 to 23:00 with trams and buses running approximately every ten minutes. Due to frequent track work and route changes, your best bet for figuring out how to use public transport in Poznań is the website (mobile app also available), which can tell you exactly how to get from point A to Point B in English.


After arrival, the simplest way of getting to your hotel is to hire a taxi. The taxi ranks are conveniently located next to both the airport and the train station.

We recommend using one of the following taxi corporations:
Euro Taxi, phone: +48 61 8 111 111
RMI Taxi, phone: +48 61 8 219 219 or 196 68
The names (phone numbers) should be clearly displayed on the roof and side doors.

Look out for other taxi drivers, especially the ones with displayed phone numbers not beginning with "61".
In general, the taxi price consists of a starting price (approx. 6.50 PLN), and a price for the 2nd and each next kilometer (approx. 2.50 PLN). Taxi prices in Poznań are regulated and they can't exceed starting price of 7 PLN and price for fares longer than 1 km mustn't exceed 3 PLN per kilometer.
During night hours and on Sundays prices are 50% higher.
You can also use mobile app, which lets you order a taxi (UBER, mytaxi, iTaxi).


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