Euroschool on Materials Science

The Euroschool is held annually in one of the ECMetAC's partner institutitions. The Euroschool  focuses on complex phases, with the aim to strengthen knowledge in a wide range of scientific fields, ranging from synthesis, characterization, properties, modeling, etc. The tar­get­ed au­di­ence includes PhD stu­dents, young or ex­pe­ri­enced sci­en­tists work­ing in the fields of crys­tal­log­ra­phy, chem­istry, ma­te­ri­als sci­ence or sol­id state physic. Lectures are given by experts in the field, illustrated by a large variety of examples and put into practice by tutorials.
The list of the past Euroschools is given here, along with the specific field taught.
The participants of the Euroschool 2018 in Krakow.
RAD leader: E. Gaudry

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