Every year, a jury will select the best oral and poster presentations during the ECMetAC Days. The selection will be based on several criteria ranging from the scientific excellence of the research, the quality of the presentation and the degree of interactions with other Institutes of the consortium.  A special attention is also given to maintain a gender balance among the laureates.


The young scientist best oral presentation  

Federico Mazza
Scrutinizing the phonon Kondo effect in intermetallic clathrates
Ahowd Yousef Alfahad
Surface structure of In3Ni2 intermetallic compound
Priyanka Reddy
Murunskite: a bridge between cuprates and pnictides
Thiago Trevizam Dorini
Complex ultrathin oxide structures revealed by evolutionary computations : InxOy/PdIn(001)
Julia Maria Hübner
The Borosilicide Rb8B8Si38 with a Clathrate-I type structure:
high-pressure, synthesis, cage adaption and properties
Joanna Smietanska
Looking at the modulated structure of pathogenesis-related
protein (Hyp-1) complex with ANS within the higher
dimensional superspace approach
Sylwia Gutowska
Electron-phonon mediated superconductivity of LiBi
Sebastian Schenk
For the presentation entitled : 
Dodecagonal oxide quasicrystal approximant with 72 tiling elements
Shelby Turner
Phonon behavior in a random solid solution : A lattice dynamics study on the high-entropy alloy FeCoCrMnNi

Darja Gačnik
Superconductivity in Ti-Zr-Hf-(Sn, Ni, Nb) HEAs
Kristian Bader
Single crystal growth of intermetallic solid solutions from Ga-Pd-Sn system for basic research in heterogeneous catalysis


The young scientist best poster presentation

Priyanka Reddy
Surprising magnetism of murunskite
Michael Sannemo Targama
Crystal growth and thermal characterization of intermetallic compounds in the Yb-Au-Sn system
Büşra Mete
Nb-Ni binary compounds in oxygen evolution reaction
Liam Chandler
Multiscale quasiperiodic metallic alloys and characterising their physical properties
Bruno Gudac
De Haas-van Alphen oscillations in ZrxHf1-xSiS
Diana Maria Kirschbaum
Investigation of CeRu4Sn6 under hydrostatic pressure
Naïma Saadi
Utilising 3D-printing to aid visualisation of complex atomic structures

Catalina Ruano Merchan
Synthesis and characterization of two-dimensional oxides quasicrystals on an ultrathin films stacking : preliminary results
Przemyslaw Skokowski
Physical properties of the Ce1-xPrxCoGe3 system with suppression of magnetism