C-MAC Workshop on “Mechanical properties of CMA and related composites”

  • 16
  • Sep
  • 2014

“Mechanical properties of CMA and related composites”

C-MAC Workshop Aachen 16-17 september 2014


A workshop will be organized by the RAD "Mechanical properties of CMA and related composites" in Aachen on 16-17 september 2014.


This workshop will be centred on defect structures, mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms of CMA phase. We wish that this meeting will be an opportunity for very open discussion including comparison with other types of complex materials even non metallic.

All members of the CMac network interested by the topic are encouraged to join for discussion and to inform the organizers as soon as possible if they wish to present a talk.


For more information, you can contact directly:

Sandra Korte-Kerzel, IMM Aachen, local organizer:



Michael Feuerbacher, FZ Julich, local organizer:



Patricia Donnadieu CNRS Grenoble France :




Meeting location: Guest House of RWTH Aachen University / Institute of Physical Metallurgy and Metal Physics

Meeting date: 16. & 17. 09.2014

Suggested hotel: Ibis am Marschiertor

Travel directions:

Aachen is well connected by plane and train with Thalys/ICE via Brussels, offering fast connections to both TGV and Eurostar lines. There are regular offers available on the websites (http://www.bahn.de/i/view/DEU/en/index.shtml , http://en.voyages-sncf.com/en/ ).

If you are planning to fly, we have listed some approximate times for onward travel to Aachen:

Köln-Bonn - approx. 1.5 hour by train or car

Düsseldorf - approx. 1,5 hours by train or car

Maastricht - Aachen - approx. 40 minutes by bus

Frankfurt - approx. 2,5 hours by train

Bruxelles - approx. 2,5 hours by train

Amsterdam-Shiphol - approx. 3 hours by train

Google Map with the locations in Aachen: